What are the key features of Python?

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Python is a translated language, so it shouldn’t be aggregated before execution dissimilar to dialects like C. Python is powerfully composed, so there is no compelling reason to proclaim a variable with the information type. Python Interpreter will recognize the information type based on the estimation of the variable. For instance, on the off chance that you run the accompanying code line, it will keep running with no blunder: a = 100 a = “Intellipaat” Python pursues object-situated programming worldview with an exemption of approaching specifiers. Other than access specifiers (open and private watchwords), Python has classes, legacy, and all other regular OOPs concepts. Python is a cross-stage language which implies that a Python program composed on a Windows framework will likewise keep running on a Linux framework with almost no changes at all. Python is actually a broadly useful language which implies that Python discovers its way in different spaces, for example, Web Application Development, Automation, Data Science, Machine Learning, and the sky is the limit from there.

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