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IOS Application Development training Institute in Noida

ios application development training in noidaIOS Application Development training in Noida makes you aware of the iOS platform and how to develop applications that are compatible with the same. Apple, being a giant in its domain, attracts a large number of individuals to pursue its courses in order to find a place in the company. Of course, getting into a company like Apple isn’t an easy task and you ought to possess the skills that touch the benchmarks set by the company. The IOS Application Development training in Noida brings you to a level from where you can shape your path towards your goals.

Improve your technical skills to know ios application development training in Noida

The best ios app development training in Noida can be based on the current industry standards with the help of attendees to secure the placements in their dream jobs at MNCs.it can provide the best ios app development with ios application development training in Noida.

It can offer the hand in a practical knowledge with the job assistance can be a basic as well as the advanced level of ios app development with the training courses. The ios application development training in noida can be conducted by the subject specialist.

The corporate professionals have 7 years of experience to manage the real time ios app development of a course. It can blend the academic learning and the practical sessions to give the student as training.

Learning strategies in Noida

They can offer the ios training in good for giving the training in ios app .it can be the leading app development training institute for its courses. It can also provide the basic and advanced level ios application development training in noida.

It is with the proper practical knowledge. So the ios training can be offered by the industry experts can having the 8 to 10 years of experience.

The campus can be well-prepared hardware lab of it training like the ios training in Noida.  The hardware and the software can be required to learn all the skills as a set of the ios training. So the trainers can be conducted by the ios training in Noida.

You have to provide the training in a real time project that can help the student to get the better understanding. The trainer can help the student to get the placement in the top MNCs in the preparation with different strategies.

IPhone Syllabus

Objective C & iPhone Development Framework

Fundamentals Of C, OOPs Concepts, ID Datatype, Categories & protocols, Preprocessors, Foundation Framework, Cocoa Framework &Cocoa Touch.

Module 1 – Introduction

iOS Releases

  • Introduction to iOS
  • Versions of iOS and Supported Devices
  • Apple Approval Proces
  • iPhone OS Architecture
  • Cocoa Touch Layer
  • iPhone OS Developer Tool
  • iPhone OS Frameworks
  • iPhone SDK (installation, tools, use)
  • About Cocoa object
  • Design pattern
  • Communication with Objects
  • Cocoa and Application Architecture on Mac OS X

XCode IDE Installation and Use

  • Installing and Updating Xcode
  • Code Development and Tracking Debugging Utilities
  • Application Navigation Tools
  • Overview of native application
  • Configuring application/Running applications
  • Using iPhone simulator/Managing devices

Internal Hardware System Support

  • Using Device Cameras for Photos
  • Using Device Microphone for Sound Files
  • Playback of Sound Files and System Sounds
  • Saving GPS Data
  • Recognizing Accelerometer Motion-Detect Multi-Touch Gestures

System Event Handling

  • Recognizing Apps Moving to Background
  • Detecting and Solving Low Memory Events
  • Handling Custom Events and Exceptions

MVC Architecture

  • Model-View-Controller
  • Development Paradigm
  • Application Design Process

Multithreading Support

  • Creating Threads
  • Using Threads for Asynchronous Processing

Web Service Support

  • Creating an App that Uses a Web Service
  • Using Third-Party Systems
  • ASIHTTPRequest
  • wsdl2objc Interaction


  • Fundamental Syntax
  • Object Oriented Programming Support
  • Using Dynamic Binding
  • Using ARC
  • Writing Code for Hardware
  • Foundation Framework
  • Object, class, messaging, properties
  • Allocating and Initializing Objects, selectors
  • Exception handling, Threading, Remote messaging
  • Protocols, categories and extension
  • Runtime versions and Platforms/Interacting with runtime
  • Dynamic method resolution, Message Forwarding, Type Encodings
  • Memory Management
Module 2

Views and View Controllers

  • Using Generic Views and View Controllers
  • Using Specific Purpose Views
  • Text View
  • Web View
  • Map View
  • Collection View & Custom Collection
  • NSLocalNotification
  • Apple Push Notification (APNS)
  • Slider View
  • Switch View
  • Customs Buttons
  • Animation
  • Page Controller View
  • Side Bar View
  • Navigation View
  • Tabbar Controller
  • ToolBar
  • StoryBoard & Segue
  • Data Parsing Controller
  • Image View
  • Bar Buttons
  • Textfield Area
  • Progress View
  • Activity Indicator View
  • Custom View Controllers
  • Alert View & Custom Alerts
  • Action Sheet
  • Table View Controller
  • Gestures (Pan, Swipe, Rotate, Tap, Motion, Shake & Pinch)
  • Map kit & Map Annotation
Module 3

NeXTStep Object Support

  • Using the NextStep Data Types
  • NSDate, NSPoint, NSSize, NSString
  • Using the NeXTStep Collection Objects
  • NSSet and NSMutableSet
  • NSArray and NSMutableArray
  • NSDictionary and NSMutableDictionary

Data Persistence

  • File Manipulation
  • SQLight Support
  • CoreData Usage
Module 4

Games and Graphics Support

  • Creating a Simple Game Using Coco Graphics
  • 2D and 3D Graphics Support
  • Cocoa Touch Graphics



There is number of reason which helps you to choose best iOS Application Development training institute in Noida to achieve success in your goal:

  • Mirorsoft Technologies provided best iOS Application Development training and placement in Noida.
  • We provide industrial projects to our students, doing iPhone Application Development industrial training.
  • iOS App Development institute in noida is designed according to current IT sector.
  • Our training programs are based on live industry projects.
  • You will get globally recognized iOS Application Development certification after completion of course.
  • Flexible Payment options such as Cheque, Cash, Paytm,Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking.
  • Our trainers provide the correct environment to candidate to crack the wall of interview at any level.
  • We provided week day classes from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM in iOS App Development training center in Noida.
  • Personality development (PDP)classes, mock interview session, spoken English session is also available in our iOS Application Development training center.
  • Our all training programs are based on current industry standards.
  • MirorsoftTechnologies’s training curriculum is approved by our placement partners.
  • Live Project based training on iOS Application Development with trainers having 5 to 12 years of Industry Experts.
  • We conduct internship on iOS Application Development on daily, weekly and weekend bases.
  • We also provide one-to-one trainer if candidate required.
  • Our Labs are very systematic and well-equipped with latest version of hardware and software.
  • We offer the best iOS Application Development training and placement in noida with well defined training modules and course sessions by our industry specialist trainers.
  • Hostel facilities available at .4,500/-INR per month for iOS App Development training in noida.


Our Awareness Programmes:

Are you studying engineering and need to get a good job with high-salary? if yes then you can study the certification course. Mirorsoft Technologies has different course that help to get the job in the top company. We are one of the leading institutes in the training. We offer the huge range of the training program to our students. You can choose the best course which suits your needs.

If you need to get the Android developer job then the Java is required. Our awareness program helps you to get more details about the course. In our awareness program, you can understand the fundamental of any courses. We offer a lot of the workshops and seminars in Greater Noida and Ghaziabad. Our seminar class helps the students to improve knowledge. With the help of the certification, you can get the job as project management, software testing, data analysts, digital marketing manager and other.


Our Students

The IT application has become more popular in the IT software field. In the present scenario, most of the students are learning Java, PHP, .Net, Digital Marketing in order to make a successful career. We are one of the leading and well popular training institutes in Noida. Our faculties have many years of experience in this field who aid the students to learn. To the students, we provide certification course which will be more useful for them to get their desired job.

We offer a wide range of courses to the students such as mobile, embedded system, packages, robotics, threads, basics of AWT & Swing, I/O package and many others. So, pick out the best one in business and start your journey towards this. We will conduct many seminars and workshops in Noida which will be more useful and helpful for the students.


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  1. Mirorsoft Technologies is the Best Iphone Development Training Institute in Noida, I learn Lots Of New Things New Ideas amid this course which raise my mindfulness and furthermore helped me develop in the field. I meet steady coaches who helped me to build my insight. Very refreshing Mirorsoft Techologies at Noida.

  2. Mirorsoft Technologies iOS App Development Course in Nodia has been designed to help you understand the basics and advanced features of iOS application development. The best training program for iOS / iPhone and Android application development offers hands-on, real-time training exclusively on mobile apps with a 100% JOB Guaranteed course. I recommended them as it is best training centre.

  3. Mirorsoft Technologies, provide the IOS and Android Application Development Course with tools to develop iPhone, iPad and iPod applications available on the App Store. They offer affordable training in IOS / Iphone and Android application development. No prior knowledge of programming is required to complete their course. They mobile app training courses include iOS, iPhone, Android, Phonegap and Windows 8. I suggest one to join this ios application development training for best result.

  4. Mirorsoft Technologies offers the best iOS application development which allows participants to get investment in their dream job at MNC. Mirorsoft.com is one of the most credible training institutes for developing iOS apps. I join them last year and really happy with the tutor at Mirorsoft Technologies as they clear all my confusion

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