Java Training in Greater Noida


Java Training in Greater Noida at Mirorsoft Technologies

The participants will explore the concepts and perform practical exercises to apply what they have learned. Java increases productivity by enabling the inheritance of methods and properties from the well-organized Java Class Library. Participants will explore multi-threads and how they can improve the performance of applications. They will also use methods of the Graphics class to draw figures.

java traning institute in greater noida

Java 6: Programming Language pursues the objectives of the Certification “Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform” and covers the Set 1 of Skills required for such certification.

Objective of Java Training:

After doing Java Training in Greater Noida at Mirorsoft Technologies I am able to do the following:

Last year I join the Java Training in Greater Noida at Mirorsoft technologies. After joining them I learn the following things:

•             List the benefits and roles of programming with the Java language.

•           Use primitive data types, variables, constants, literals, and methods.

•          Differentiate an application and an apple and send parameters to each other.

•          Use inheritance, interfaces, packages, modifiers, and files.

•          Use operators and expressions to perform calculations and typecasts between types.

•          Control the flow of programs with conditions and cycles.

•          Explore packages and interfaces in the Java class library.

•          Explore the java.lang package and use the methods of the String and Math classes.

•          change the fonts and colors on the screen; Use types of graphics and images to draw on the screen.

•          Manage keyboard and mouse events.

•          Explore applet architecture, detect and process errors, and explore threads.

•          Explore the AWT package and create a graphical interface. Recommended previous skills

In order for the student to get the most out of this course, it is recommended that you have the fundamental concepts of object orientation and some object-oriented or similar language.

I recommended this centre to all my friends.

Our Awareness Programmes:

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Our Students

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