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Mirorsoft Technologies has conducted assorted Campus OFF Campus activities across India. A retentive standing association with educational institutions across india allow a facilitation of campus recruitment process expeditiously and in a professional mode. The process starts from naming the colleges to pre-screening prospects and dealing the initial interview process ; thereby preserving the clients' time and efforts. Our dedication consists of a compromising approach, growth of knowledge and constantly updating our skill in the recent technology tendencies.

We hire people from all across the nation for our all uprights. The process begins with a campus visit where interviews are conducted after a abbreviated shortlisting method. Various creatures of selection are used to search the one and only talent. The interviews are dealt by the panel of senior management and they are measured through a rigorous selection process. Our team conduct reasonable recruitment process. Offers are made to suited candidates. We are attention to providing caliber, enriched products to our valued clients and building up state of the art, next generation IT solutions.